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acne bacteria

Acne Bacteria and The Acne Environment

Guest Post By Mike Walden Contrary to popular belief, acne bacteria do not cause acne. Life long acne researcher exposes the true connection between acne bacteria and acne formation. Discover why acne is not...

tea tree oil for acne

Tea Tree Oil for Acne

In this post, we’ll examine using tea tree oil for acne. Tea tree oil is widely regarded as an effective treatment for acne. It is an essential oil derived from the leaves of an...

acne treatments that dont work

9 Acne Treatments That Don’t Work

Acne is a very common skin condition suffered by millions the world over. Many people become desperate and try any treatment that they can find to alleviate the breakouts and scarring. In their desperation...

home acne treatments

More Home Acne Treatments

Here a few unconventional home acne treatments. All these home acne treatments are safe to use. One of these could be the answer to treating your acne effectively without prescriptions. Toothpaste Solution Not only...

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